The ACRDS (remote distribution station) is an industrial vending machine that starts all this. Imitate but never repeat. RDS is good for storing 70 sku. It is a perfect machine that provides you with high value, fast movement, and key inventory items 24 hours a day while maintaining full responsibility.

Our standard 12.1-inch touch screen makes it easier to select and distribute more information than ever before. If you are a growing company and want to upgrade from day one, then RDS is a good start.

Each RDS and gold eye ™ standard, the industry’s best authentication system! Golden eyes ™ to prevent double drop in at the same time avoid the plague other systems. The secret is our laser detection system and precise control that you can’t see anywhere else.

  • 24-7 usability – security and reliability
  • configuration: standard 60 SKUs (unique products) can be extended to 70 sku
  • a touch screen with a full keyboard
  • hand-held barcode scanner – use pickpockets to quickly distinguish similar items. Simply scan the barcode
  • the ability to use conditional items first

, golden eyes ™ – laser validation issues and the gas motor control to prevent double decline and the project lead to inventory error

  • full user access support – support for close range CARDS, key fobs, mag-stripe, barcode, and keyboard/pin
  • reconfigurable – spiral coil configuration with 60 coils of various sizes is standard. An extra shelf will add 10 coils. Each coil can accommodate 6-30 projects (a total of 2,100 projects)
  • general search – search for any project scope
  • multiple languages – support for other languages

Attachment: 41 (104 cm) x72 “W” H (182 cm) x38 “D” (96 cm)

  • power: 100-240vac – 50/60hz, 3A / 1.5a MAX
  • 12 months warranty

AC is to deliver the next generation of industry automatic sales VC object recognition technology. The AMTB (automatic multi-user toolkit) is a FOD (foreign object debris) control of good solution, but it can be used in any application, of which 100% of tools or other items must be returned and explain.

high-throughput cribs

It’s ideal for high-throughput cribs, because multiple employees can “shopping” at the same time, eliminating the long lines of the tool crib. Each open IPT provides the lowest cost project in a large capacity environment. IHPT can be sold and tracked with unlimited number of projects of all different types, size and shape.

The AC design provides secure access to over 200 different items using various drawers, shelves, and dividers. All kinds of storage module size makes the management of small and large MHRO, PHPE, and many other projects a reality (carbide insert, drill bit, spray cans, adhesive tape, safety glasses, air tools, welding techniques, solder joints, and more!)

The system can also control access to products through projects, employees, or work. With many access points to assign machines, AC manages problems and returns the fast and slow moving items of a transaction that no longer requires a personal modification project.

Recovery of floor space for value-added activities

Every industry that has a large number of parts, parts or tools knows that floor space is a quality real estate. AC VLM is designed to optimize the layout of the facility using unused space overhead. The project is automatically retrieved and delivered to the user’s ergonomic access window.

The result: you can maximize the use of minimal manual retrieval. See a sustainable 20-40 per cent increase in productivity and up to 80 per cent of the increased recycling of floor space.

VLM is easy to implement, practical, affordable, built on proven technologies, and will provide years of fail-free services.

Key benefits:

  • renovate important floor space
  • reduce labor costs
  • inventory security and employee responsibilities
  • worker safety – reduces damage
  • sequential selection accuracy


  • the height of modularity
  • AutoCrib ® integration
  • easy to learn and use
  • no repackaging
  • enclosed inventory keeps clean
  • high resolution 19 inch (48cm) touch screen

high-precision and high-quality cutting tool

There are more than 700 employees of TIMER around the world and 450 of them work at our major factory in Igenth which has the most modern of machines and high advanced automation. There are 40 employees in the second production site of TIMER which is located in Bielefeld. TIMER Microset presetting machines are manufactured in the site. The well-known and highest quality “made by TIMER” is guaranteed by our experienced high-quality staffs. TIMER is a company which actively promotes apprenticeship. There are almost 50 apprentices and high internal acquisition rate in TIMER, which ensures enough skilled workers in the future and makes a contribution to further educate young adults, as well as ensuring Germany’s manufacturing position in the future.

TIMER is a European market leader in the area of tool holding technology and has the capacity of providing almost 2,000 tool holders in one day. It is very import for us to keep the technological edge of our products at the same time. Because of this, 8~10% of our annual revenue is invested in research and development. We want to do better every day and all of our works are comes from our business philosophy: Quality Wins.

Quality wins not just a slogan, but a daily philosophy!

The core of TIMER’s business philosophy is to provide high-precision and high-quality products at globally competitive prices. This goal is started with the purchase of raw materials and finished by the products delivered to the customer, which can be achieved by our employees’ realization of this philosophy in their daily work.

As a customer, you can be assured of a long-term, highly efficient and correct price-performance ratio.

In view of this, we inspire our staffs to act as an enterprise, to think fully, and to constantly improve our work processes.

We promise to provide a long-term, high-efficiency and correct price-performance ratio service for our customer.

reduce the processing costs by tool

TIMER is positioning itself as a system supplier around the complete value chain of tool holding

TIMER can definitely provide a perfect combination of products for you. Because we not only have a wide range of tool holder program, a related balancing, and shrinking technology but also have our own tool administrative system of the logistics as well as 3D measuring apparatus and new high-power mill tools.

We not only can help you to continually reduce the processing costs but also help your company to gain a long-term competitive advantage by the advantage of our extensive expertise and years of experience in the field of tools, once you chose our products.

TIMER is located in Igenhausen, Bavaria near Augsburg, Germany, which is a medium-sized family business. Our business scope covers of designing and manufacturing as well as selling innovative, high precision products for metal cutting and for other industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, rail and general machining.

In addition to providing various specifications, interfaces and length of handle tool holders, such as the shrinking and balancing machines and 3D Sensors as well as solid carbide cutting tools, we also provide the products of tool presetting machines now.

Chinese manufacturer for cutting tool end mill

Welcome to Chinese manufacturer for cutting tool end mill.


Our company with two factories offers a variety of performance carbide rod and carbide end mills designed for milling stainless steel,titanium and other hard metals. Base one 20 years experience, we are providing each of these professional-grade cutting tools are also available with coatings. In the cutting tool industry we have been top one of the suppliers.of FOXCNN (Supplier of Apple Inc.)since 2014(Iphone 5), we could solve endmills for stainless steel 303,304,316,316L,etc.