high-precision and high-quality cutting tool

There are more than 700 employees of TIMER around the world and 450 of them work at our major factory in Igenth which has the most modern of machines and high advanced automation. There are 40 employees in the second production site of TIMER which is located in Bielefeld. TIMER Microset presetting machines are manufactured in the site. The well-known and highest quality “made by TIMER” is guaranteed by our experienced high-quality staffs. TIMER is a company which actively promotes apprenticeship. There are almost 50 apprentices and high internal acquisition rate in TIMER, which ensures enough skilled workers in the future and makes a contribution to further educate young adults, as well as ensuring Germany’s manufacturing position in the future.

TIMER is a European market leader in the area of tool holding technology and has the capacity of providing almost 2,000 tool holders in one day. It is very import for us to keep the technological edge of our products at the same time. Because of this, 8~10% of our annual revenue is invested in research and development. We want to do better every day and all of our works are comes from our business philosophy: Quality Wins.

Quality wins not just a slogan, but a daily philosophy!

The core of TIMER’sphilosophy is to provide high-precision and high-quality products at globally competitive prices. This goal is started with the purchase of raw materials and finished by the products delivered to the customer, which can be achieved by our employees’ realization of this philosophy in their daily work.

As a customer, you can be assured of a long-term, highly efficient and correct price-performance ratio.

In view of this, we inspire our staffs to act as an enterprise, to think fully, and to constantly improve our work processes.

We promise to provide a long-term, high-efficiency and correct price-performance ratio service for our customer.

High Bay Led Lighting  During the day, the shape of the lights is an important part of the appearance of the vehicle. The beautiful headlights can also add value to the car’s appearance. At night, the lights can illuminate the road surface, making the car safer. Under the circumstances, the lights can also remind the surrounding vehicles, which played a very good role in avoiding collisions. For the headlights on the market now, with the advancement of technology, LED is the main one. Today it snows in 2020 and we go outside to see many lights



High Bay Led Lighting