August 2019



全自动收卷捆扎机 货物三天后可以到工厂提货! 货物信息:自动收卷捆扎机机器零配件; 箱子体积:0.6*0.6*0.6m;  重量:约60kg.提货地址:风鼎机械昆山千灯镇石铺丰收北路1428号   联系人:XXX   手机号: 1381858XXXX条款: EXW infeed belt #65 1 SET transfer belt #48 1 PCS outfeed belt #65 1PCS yellow rolls #45 6PCS red rolls #125 2PCS 更多设备可到我们工厂现场,欢迎来试机考察。

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automatic pipe winding and banding machine

As a automatic coiler manufacturer, there are many types coil packing machine. Videos:   automatic coiling and strapping machine     vertical wrapper    horizontal wrapper   automatic wrapper … From the machine your inquiried, i think there are many types rubber hose coil need to be packing. If you can provide the hose

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