December 2017


Hannover 2017,VS proudly introduced a new approach to the shoulder groove insertion. New super harrow features: Additional positive rake Angle, 30 ° reduces cutting force suitable for low-intensity nonferrous and nonferrous metals Suitable for small parts processing improving the formation of chips designed to prevent crater wear and chip accumulation In the GHVN26 and GHVN29 […]

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VGH cuts

Considering the workpiece material and the groove diameter, it is recommended to start the first cut with no more than the insertion width. VGH cuts the full range of rotary solutions Deep grooving, thread, separation, boring, surface groove A new generation of VGH cutting tools opens up more applications exposed to the same deep grooves

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Low feed

Low feed rate and sufficient chip evacuation improve the stability and service life of the process. Feed rate should be increased only if improved evacuation is needed to prevent wall scratches or chip tangles. In order to separate, the feed rate was reduced by 30% when R/L insertion was used. During the separation, it is

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thread milling

for a tool with a diameter of 8, 10, 12 mm, provide the coolant thru thread length: 2xDo and 2.5 xdo (thread diameter) all tools are left-handed, right and left thread standard: ISO metrics: from M3x0.5 to M23x2.0 us UN: from 4-40 to 3/8 “x16 VTS level: A common, heavy thread milling grade TiAlN coating

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As demand for smaller, more precise solutions grows, mechanics are forced to find professional tools and expert solutions to the growing challenges. The VX MINIPRO series provides customers with the perfect tool for any internal thread operation. Mini – 3 standard tool – IC 4.0-6.0 IC range: 0.25-2.0mm / 32-14 TPI Minutes. India. -5.95-10.0 mm

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Cutter holder

Working closely with customers, VS engineers provide the best solutions for your operations, and guide and advise on the implementation of custom processing. This customized solution team has all the tricks to design the right cutting tools, using the latest technology and first-class technology. A new, unique anti-rotation plug designed to insert and tool support

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VX thread

VX thread conversion tools provide a wide range of external and internal solutions: Standard tools are used for medium and fine pitch V6 style insertion with six cut corners F – wire insertion – fixed clamping system for high load U-insert is used for large pitch The vg cutter is inserted between the shoulders Super

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THMDR tool drills

Features and benefits THMDR tool drills, lines and chamfering are all in one tool operation no longer needed for pre-drilling! tools also apply to pre-drilled parts, such as blind holes, through holes or even semi-finished holes for a tool with a diameter of 8, 10, 12 mm, provide the coolant thru thread length: 2xDo and

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U.S. tool

Now in the industry known as the American tools group (or just our tools), we employ over 800 dedicated professionals who are positioned in facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico… Method including office and manufacturing center, our company in Missouri, Alabama and regional operation center, (2), California, Georgia, (2), Kansas, New Hampshire, north

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