THMDR tool drills

Features and benefits

  • THMDR tool drills, lines and chamfering are all in one tool operation
  • no longer needed for pre-drilling!
  • tools also apply to pre-drilled parts, such as blind holes, through holes or even semi-finished holes
  • for a tool with a diameter of 8, 10, 12 mm, provide the coolant thru
  • thread length: 2xDo and 2.5 do (thread diameter)
  • thread standard:

ISO metric: from M3x0.5 to M23x2.0

United Nations: from 4-40 to 3/8 “x16

  • THMDR is available in the VTS level

The long thread of THM solid HCN

Features and benefits

  • maximum thread length: 3xDo (thread diameter)
  • reduce the bulge of the cutting force

, Multi – tooth geometry

  • reduction of long thread processing time
  • HHCN is available at VTH level

In these three versions, the most popular and advanced thread and thread milling software also has:

Improved responsive design is now compatible with all devices

(computers, tablets and smartphones)

  • online interactive software

Always on, always updated!

  • independent software applications
  • Windows OS based programs
  • automatic updates

USB memory device independent software package

  • based on Windows operating system

Just open ZIP & click VargusGen. Application

Line of defense

Features and benefits

  • deep rake design for better chip flow
  • professional solutions for accessories industry
  • reduce cutting force and improve tool life
  • recommended mass production
  • applicable to standard VX thread turning interior
  • the d line is available at the VKX level

Features and benefits

  • improved clamping system
  • standard tool holders use coolant to better enable chip evacuation
  • the left hand tool can be used as a standard
  • mini 5LK and mini 6.0 k can be used in VKX and VTX levels

Features and benefits

  • high pressure coolant
  • better chip evacuation for safe processing
  • tools live longer

Features and benefits

  • improved clamping technology
  • newly designed vibration damper handles
  • tools live longer
  • economic solutions

Threaded system

U.S. tool

Now in the industry known as the American tools group (or just our tools), we employ over 800 dedicated professionals who are positioned in facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico… Method including office and manufacturing center, our company in Missouri, Alabama and regional operation center, (2), California, Georgia, (2), Kansas, New Hampshire, north Carolina, Ohio (2), Texas, Utah and Virginia.

The U.S. tool also provides support for more than 100 north American client programs.

The us tool is ISO 9001:2008 certification, is a member of the USCTI (American cutting tools association) and ISA (industrial supply association).

Our clients include the industry’s largest aerospace and defense contractors, as well as major manufacturers of power generation, fluid control and transportation markets.

American tools remain family-owned, with third-generation leadership and strong financial capacity.

The manufacturer’s partner

Our tools represent most of the major cutting tools, abrasive, hand/power tools, personal protective equipment, the professional products and other tool crib/MRO project support our comprehensive client programs. Also, we believe that good relationships with our manufacturer’s suppliers are a key factor in supporting our customers’ commitment to deliver the best products.

In addition to its direct relationship with more than 4,000 manufacturers, the us tool is also a member of several purchasing groups, including NetPlus and InCom. The American tool is also an active member of the American cutting tools institute (USCTI).

Thread will be

VX has won the world no. 1 reputation.

VX indexable rotation insertion technology was developed more than 50 years ago. Vargus’s patent design has been the industry’s standard.

Has more than 6000 kinds of different tools, VX thread cutting tool provides the scope of different grades, IC and insert style type of the largest and most comprehensive collection of pitch and standards, and customization methods of oil and gas industry.

Tool Crib station

Start with a good foundation

AC’s latest generation of handheld scanners are built on popular Windows mobile platforms. The mobilec rib device can read and write the ac database in real time. For more information about communication products and other U.S. tools, please visit our website

Tool Crib station

You can quickly and easily convert your manual tool, crib, into a virtual automatic distributor, using the communication tool crib station. Simply specify an existing tool room, tool crib or storage area as tool crib, using communication software. A communication tool, Crib station, is installed in the Crib window. Now, the tool Crib service staff or user is using a touch screen to perform data entry.

After the user selects the desired project, print out a receipt with bin location to help the service staff or users locate the project in the secure area.

Automatic or unattended crib or a running system

  • automate your existing tool room, crib, or storage
  • no waiter’s question/return tool
  • capture the trade before opening the crib

The tool request at the remote location

You can also place tools Crib stations in different locations or remote working units to create a “running system”. Users enter the tool or supply request at the tool Crib station. The central tool crib prints out orders and problems, and delivers the requested tool through a runner (lower)

Cost) while keeping the operator at his work center.

The American tool group is an innovative industrial product and service provider that provides first-rate cost savings to our customers. These solutions include integrated supply chain management, reconditioning of production cutting tools, automatic sales of industries, customized value-added solutions, information technology and product engineering. The us tools group supports manufacturing and has mature expertise in aerospace, defence and metal processing markets.

Founded in 1958, the company was founded by Paul g. Williams, the largest tool refurbishment company in North America.

ASRS solutions

More flexibility

The vertical lift module (VHLM) system provides greater flexibility than other ASRS solutions. Unlike a large ASRS system, a complete overhaul of the VHLM system in the warehouse or production area is required, which is modular and easy to implement. This means that you can easily integrate into an existing system or gradually expand your automated storage solution at different stages. The modular structure allows you to change the height of your unit to meet future needs and protect your investments.

The senior-level, licensed access control tracks warehouse transactions to specific employees. Employees assume responsibility and “own” the project. Control the costs of employees or departments.

No need to repack

Vertical lift storage system is a very flexible inventory system. You don’t need any special case or product carrier. You can use existing boxes, totes, and dustbins.

High reliability

Our patent wide extracter is very simple to use in storage and recovery tray design. With the decrease of moving parts, our system has outstanding reliability in the long-term 24/7 operation, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.


The MC

Automate your existing tool room or storage area. Give your tool room and store service staff the largest mobile and real-time communication with the database. Mobilec rib provides tool rooms and shop assistants

You can use buttons to scan barcode and RHFID tags and perform the most common transactions using this handheld device. Users can move freely without being tethered to a computer terminal, and can perform extensive data input.

Automatic or unattended cribs or a running system:

  • automated tools crib inventory and tracking
  • Windows Mobile platform
  • live trading
  • maximum flow

Cost and use reports, plus a complete procurement and receiving system.

The mobilec rib USES communication software (client/server or network-based The software provides a smart dashboard that can see key metrics on a screen. More than 200 reports are preloaded.


  • upgrade paths – this is a truly scalable inventory solution. You can use our integrated software platform to extend from AC to multiple RDS machines or other types of machines.

VHLM1480 vertical takeoff and landing module

Recycle valuable building area

The AC VHLM1480 vertical lifting module system provides 80 percent more inventory than traditional shelves and covers an area of just 47 square feet. Therefore, you have more space for manufacturing, warehousing, kitchen work, transportation/reception, quality control, office space, etc. You can save 1,400 square feet of VHLM systems and traditional shelving. That’s $7,000 per year in savings, at $5 per square foot. Foot storage costs.


It makes more sense to let parts come to you. Workers don’t have to spend time walking up and down the aisles trying to find items. Inventory can be quickly retrieved and routed to your order selector in sequential order. A single operator can run multiple vertical lifting module systems, almost eliminating the operator’s stay time. You can see that in terms of choosing productivity, sustainable growth is 20 to 40 percent.

Unparalleled value

It pays thousands of dollars less than the competition machine, and has a well-equipped vertical storage system. Our VHLM system focus will significantly improve your operational efficiency and the characteristics of measurable results. We design hardware and software to work together. So you get huge quality at incredible prices.

Inventory control,

Have the most advanced inventory management technology. Compared with other vertical elevator modules, communication has significant advantages. Our solution is more than an automated bookcase. You have project level inventory management, advanced licensed access control, and powerful reporting capabilities that provide valuable and actionable information for managers.

Industrial automatic sales integration

Your new vertical lift system has been pre-arranged with our industrial vending machine assembly line. Our comprehensive solution will soon be solved! This is a huge scalable platform that allows you to develop your manufacturing plans actively from an early age.

AC RHDS (remote dispensing station)

The system is far superior to other systems that use optical sensors, weight switches or rfid tags on the market. In VC, you don’t need to use RFID tags or use only special modification tools.

Never again unaccounted for the tool

Immediately know when a project has not been explained

More importantly, know who owns it, and when it comes out,

What it does. It ensures your tools

It’s 100%.

Quick inventory check

A new generation of VC has completed the complete tool list in 15 seconds. Verification is achieved through three different characteristics: contour matching, high resolution pixel count and color pattern matching.


AC RHDS (remote dispensing station) is the most advanced spiral coil machine in the market. It is built for a high demand industrial environment.

  • high quality industrial design – RHDS has solid design

And high quality internal and external components that make it better than any other machine on the market. It can also promote heavier items, and ordinary machines will be difficult to move.

  • up to 70SKUs (standard 60sku) – has more unique products than most machines on the market. We also offer wide selection of coil types for different sizes of products.
  • you can attach an automatic control system. There are 10 criteria

The size of the locker. Power and LAN optional.

  • TV – the optional touch screen makes it more user-friendly and more capable of extending the machine. Use RHDS TV and you can add a secondary machine to increase your capacity.
  • automatic identification – use of complex electronic eyes to prevent trapped objects and double drops.
  • pick-sheet barcode scanner – by scanning what you want on the page to distinguish the same items.
  • advanced inventory software-force regrinds first,kit manager, specify the number of problems, multi-location tracking, and the ability of the department, work, tail, customer number and other overhead data tips. A lot of customization and utility functions, so that you can effectively manage inventory and cut expenses.

Automatic inventory management has raised revenue

Automatic inventory management has raised revenue

Reduce consumption by 20-40%, prevent inventory backlog, and improve the accuracy of inventory forecast. AC lets you determine the root cause of your inventory problems and actively prevent them from happening in the first place. AC software can process automatic purchase orders. AC eliminates the huge burden of inventory management so that employees can focus on what they are best at, value-added production and working with customers. 6-Zone inventory management

AC is a very flexible high volume system with compact memory. It has six areas that can provide you with reconfigurable shelves or optional sliding doors. Therefore, it is easy to manage large or small projects on a single machine. It is applicable to all kinds of consumables, such as hard alloy inserts, safety supplies, batteries, welding heads, sprays and general MRO projects. It also applies to durable goods such as aerial tools, cordless drills, flashlights and toolkits.

You will never have to repackage your items. You can put your inventory directly into the machine.


Next generation industry vending machine – object recognition!

The VC can actually see if the tool is there. It can even detect small objects like a. Allen wrench in 050! No rfid tags are required! VC USES AC advanced proprietary value-added tax (visual analysis technology). We developed this really innovative system for the military. This is a great solution for FOD (foreign object fragmentation) control, but it can be used in any application, where 100% of the tools and other items must be returned and explained.

VC is the most effective tracking system for tracking problems and the return of tools at work. It checks the entire tool tray edge. It knows when the tool is not in the right place. It can tell the difference between a tool that looks almost the same and something that shouldn’t be in a tray.


  • multiple languages – support for other languages
  • emergency door release
  • more assurance of project identification (specific serial number)
  • ease of use (inspection/output and validation)


  • more than 200 standard reports!
  • autocrib. Net or client-server – cloud hosting services or secure internal networks
  • ehdi-advanced ship circulars (ASN) through EDI


Finally, a simple way to manage your biggest inventory worries… Gloves! Buying more gloves is not a solution to the insatiable use of gloves.

This machine will completely change how you manage gloves, personal protective equipment (personal protective equipment) and safety supplies.

In any industry, reducing the consumption of gloves by 30 to 50 percent is one of the most abusive, wasteful and abusive programs. The lifting of the elevator makes it not cold. Save a lot of money and stop annoying behavior. Access control determines who can access which glove stocks and when. Access is controlled by shifts, daily or weekly assignments, or by other administrators. Track employee usage according to work Numbers, work orders, or 10 other customizable fields.

Dispensing gloves without staffing, vending machines allow you to hand out gloves at a convenient time, while keeping tight control over your inventory. So you can provide 24/7 projects and complete the shift without people.

Automatic reorder to stop the inventory upgrade, real-time monitoring your supply level, AC software automatically re-order when it reaches the minimum level.

Vend is more than gloves

The high level of the elevator is ideal for other PPE projects: safety glasses, hard hats, welding sleeves, Ty vek suits, aprons, etc. You can even put the wheel or physical package in the box! High elevation can make any thickness consistent thickness completely accurate.

Car people like cars because they can store almost anything. The transparent see through window provides a simple project view that you can use to accurately post what you need. Such a high

The density automatic rack system can provide security access to over 200 different items through various drawers, boxes and cabinets.


Simple and fast tracking RFID reader covers every Angle

IPT sets up a huge RFID antenna at every Angle around the user, making it a very fast reading speed. It USES the photo beam quality indicator to detect how many users have entered the portal. It also has two cameras that can capture users from before and after.

The latest trends in RFID technology are the best designed RFID portals in the industry. IPT USES modern gen 2,Class 1, passive RFID tags. What does this mean for you? This means cheaper RFID tags than other RFID solutions.


Just like the original IPT

IPT Lite is a turnkey system for radio frequency identification (RFID) readers tracking RFID tags in a controlled area.

IPT Lite has been designed in single and double doors

The configuration makes it a good choice for small shops and cribs.

You will find that IPT Lite is the perfect solution to the application, with a large number of projects that need to be published, or there are many large or large projects. It’s ideal for high-throughput cribs, because multiple employees can “shopping” at the same time, eliminating the long lines of the tool crib.

IPT Lite provides the minimum cost for each vended project in a high-volume environment. IPT Lite can be vend and track an

Unlimited number of projects with various types, sizes and shapes.

Features of IPT and IPT Lite

  • 24-7 usability – security and reliability
  • manage the unlimited number of cribs per crib
  • applicable to existing stores

The cost of each item is very low

  • the ability to redistribute labels
  • self-help services – reduce labor
  • reduce reliance on bin location accuracy (the error bin project is ok)
  • RHFID reader & 2 RF antenna
  • first-generation RHFID technology
  • photo beam sensor
  • touch screen user interface
  • RHFID printer – tags can be programmatically selected

The speed printer is applied before the product

  • receipt printer
  • electronic control gateway
  • full user access support – support for close range CARDS, key fobs, magnetic stripe CARDS, barcode, keyboard/pin



AL FX is the first and only automatic latch system

The design of the market is completely modular. This platform

Let you build a custom configured lock storage system to meet unique requirements

Your company.

Modular design

You determine the frame size, controller box, locker size, power supply (optional) and network switch (optional). There are 12 different sizes of lockers for you to choose from.

The storage container module has six “high increments, standard 24” depths and various widths that can be blended and matched to provide customized solutions.

Smart and easy to use

Through bright LED lights, users can quickly identify what they want and then release it through an intuitive touchscreen user interface. Multi-state LED status lights quickly identify objects on the floor and the status of objects in the locker.

The power charging

AL FX also offers optional 110v power outlets so that the battery’s tools and equipment can be charged in the locker. In addition, the system will manage the charging time and always allocate the project at the maximum cost. Electronic tools (laptops and ipads) can also be charged for managing virus definitions and operating system updates.


The industry is best

RFID portal for inventory management.

You can even use it to protect your existing tools, crib, tool cage, clamping crib, specification crib, or storage area.

Reduce your inventory consumption by 20-40%

By optimizing inventory and increasing accountability, the rewards you can get are stunning. Smart ports have temporarily and permanently reduced inventory spending.

Smart ports use advanced measurement calibration software to track your gauges by calibration dates, number of days on the floor, and the number of cycles

It runs or any combination of these factors and more. It maintains a complete history of all your instruments to ensure timely alignment and compliance with your lean, six sigma and ISO quality standards.