VX thread

VX thread conversion tools provide a wide range of external and internal solutions:

Standard tools are used for medium and fine pitch

V6 style insertion with six cut corners

F – wire insertion – fixed clamping system for high load

U-insert is used for large pitch

The vg cutter is inserted between the shoulders

Super large pitch v type insertion

The high line is inserted into 25 mm or 1 tpi

Batch production of multiple + inserts

Mini-v miniature vertical tool

Small, small drilling tools

Micro – and double – end tools, dimensions small to 3.2 mm grade

VRX multi-purpose threaded turning – new!

The new VHRX class is a multi-purpose grade of high quality suitable for processing steel, hardened steel to 55 HRc, stainless steel, high temperature alloy and non-ferrous metal in low and high cutting speed.

The advanced process of making VHRX ensures stronger wear resistance, longer tool life and better production efficiency.

In addition to the new VHRX level, the VX thread conversion program provides a wide range of levels for threads of any type of material.

VHX’s professional ranks include:

VHRX – multi – purpose quality grade for various materials and cutting conditions

VHTX – is a good choice for general purpose and steel

High performance polishing grade for VHTXP – oil and gas applications

VHKX – excellent medium and high speed working environment

Vhbx-carbide grade for mass production

VHM7 – is a unique performer in stainless steel

Vhk2-non-ferrous, cast iron and titanium alloy material without coating grade

VHK2P – high polishing, high quality surface treatment of aluminum.

The screw thread standard

With 28 different standards, VS provides the most extensive thread standard in the industry.

Custom solution

No matter whether you need a non standard size, the shape of a complex or a special design, VS custom solutions team has experience and proprietary technology, essentially any tool solution.