• upgrade paths – this is a truly scalable inventory solution. You can use our integrated software platform to extend from AC to multiple RDS machines or other types of machines.

VHLM1480 vertical takeoff and landing module

Recycle valuable building area

The AC VHLM1480 vertical lifting module system provides 80 percent more inventory than traditional shelves and covers an area of just 47 square feet. Therefore, you have more space for manufacturing, warehousing, kitchen work, transportation/reception, quality control, office space, etc. You can save 1,400 square feet of VHLM systems and traditional shelving. That’s $7,000 per year in savings, at $5 per square foot. Foot storage costs.


It makes more sense to let parts come to you. Workers don’t have to spend time walking up and down the aisles trying to find items. Inventory can be quickly retrieved and routed to your order selector in sequential order. A single operator can run multiple vertical lifting module systems, almost eliminating the operator’s stay time. You can see that in terms of choosing productivity, sustainable growth is 20 to 40 percent.

Unparalleled value

It pays thousands of dollars less than the competition machine, and has a well-equipped vertical storage system. Our VHLM system focus will significantly improve your operational efficiency and the characteristics of measurable results. We design hardware and software to work together. So you get huge quality at incredible prices.

Inventory control,

Have the most advanced inventory management technology. Compared with other vertical elevator modules, communication has significant advantages. Our solution is more than an automated bookcase. You have project level inventory management, advanced licensed access control, and powerful reporting capabilities that provide valuable and actionable information for managers.

Industrial automatic sales integration

Your new vertical lift system has been pre-arranged with our industrial vending machine assembly line. Our comprehensive solution will soon be solved! This is a huge scalable platform that allows you to develop your manufacturing plans actively from an early age.