A tray VC and machine that can be placed in any of the various tools to see which items are lost in machines and objects! It knows who brought it out, and when!

VC provides project-level inventory tracking in a rotation-driven cabinet with 8 or 16 pallets. Machine vision hardware integration and software implementation support the following use cases: check, check, FOD, and error project detection. All projects in the entire cabinet are validated with three separate features: profile matching, high-resolution pixel count and color pattern matching. Verify that the time is 10 seconds or less.

RBC, with the ScaleMate option, is a unique approach combining the popular high security RBC system computing scale (load cell). This gives the RBC’s ability distribution project multiple from a highly secure format.

For RBC SM, it provides a system based on significantly increased security in drawers. In a typical drawer based system, users are asked to tell the system the number of specific items they are using. The result is an inaccurate bin count that eventually leads to overaging or shortages.

How does it work


  1. Job selection – select the required items from RBC and remove some cups.
  2. Take the amount you need from the cup.
  3. Place the cup on the scale, confirm the amount taken and return the parts cup to complete the transaction.
  • compatible with RBCTX750, VX500 VX1000 LX2000,AC VLM
  • increase capacity while increasing control over small items

Eliminate the need to manually count small objects

  • ideal small objects such as fasteners, electrical connectors/terminals and inserts
  • processing weight of 30 pounds (13 kg)
  • measured in kilograms or pounds
  • sensitivity. 0003 kg,
  • the ability to weigh heavily
  • ability to Autozero
  • annex: 16 “W (40cm) x65” (165cm)x16 “D (40cm)”, from the ground height of 37cm (93cm)
  • 12 months warranty