us tool’s AC

The tools and parts of the United States provide customers with specific basic capabilities to support assembly, production and after-sales services. Whether in custom reusable boxes, shrink-wrapped boxes or other innovative packaging, American tools can meet any customer’s requirements.

The us tool’s AC software provides an excellent metering management module that allows us to manage customer gages or other durable tools and to send them to selected customer sources for calibration.

The U.S. tool provides turnkey team toolkits, which include laser etching tools, foam cutting drawers and a customer’s designated drawer layout. The U.S. tool is the primary manufacturer of hand/power tools and most toolbox suppliers. This flexibility enables us to provide a solution for specific customer needs.

As an extension of our power tool maintenance capabilities, the tools of the United States have also refreshed the micro – stop cage. In this process, we receive and categorize by size and manufacturer. We remove and check for damage and operability, clean, black dip and replace internal wear parts (including bearing, bushing, and lubrication). The refurbished micro-parking cage returns to service at a fraction of the price of a new cage

American tools provide complete repair and refurbishment capabilities for pneumatic tools. American tools can serve almost any manufacturing and model. From the simplest end of the grinder to the complex pike feed training, the American tools have industry trained technicians to provide reliable and competitive reconditioning services for your portable tools.

Common tools include:

Handgun drill

A grinding machine with straight and right angles


Mandatory feeding drills

Parker feed drill

Rivet gun

Compression test

Hi – Lok guns

The torque gun

We can use blunt cutting tools to repair tools in our shipping containers or to ship them separately. American tools will fix and return portable tools, as well as any replacement parts, with descriptions of repairs.