U.S. tool

Through the strategic partnership with the carbide tool service, the American tool provides tool holders with repair and reconstruction services.

In addition to providing our boxes, our customers can also put the damaged or worn tool holders in the same box. Our tools will transfer your tool holder to the carbide tool service and provide you with an offer before the work is completed.

The U.S. tool provides a complete adjustment and management program for aircraft temporary fasteners (also known as skin clip-runners or “CLOs”). This service includes:

Sort broken or unusable CLOs by type and size

Store in a sorted state until the customer needs it

Clean, repair, and size/mark according to customer requirements

Send the goods to customers when necessary

Report all inventory and activities in the site security client area


CLOs, which need to be readjusted, can use blunt cutting tools or separate shipping in the transports we provide.

The resetting CLOs can be tagged and returned with color coded uppercase and/or packaged in size and type. This unique service enables expensive CLOs to obtain new conditions with a small portion of the cost of new fasteners.

American tools provide an internal capability to provide short-term machine parts, air tool parts and other fixtures and fixtures. This service is especially valuable in emergencies because of the need for quick turnaround. As long as we send us a print, drawing or description, we will quote you for your special section.

American tools provide home laser etching knives to identify customer identification Numbers and specifications.

The tool with final inspection service of the contract, to ensure that other supplier manufacturing cutting tools in accordance with customer specifications, allowing these tools directly to production line, without the customer further examination.

This program provides a unique solution for customers who want to have a special slow-moving cut tool in the process of re-grinding until the project’s use is reestablished.