U.S. tool

Now in the industry known as the American tools group (or just our tools), we employ over 800 dedicated professionals who are positioned in facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico… Method including office and manufacturing center, our company in Missouri, Alabama and regional operation center, (2), California, Georgia, (2), Kansas, New Hampshire, north Carolina, Ohio (2), Texas, Utah and Virginia.

The U.S. tool also provides support for more than 100 north American client programs.

The us tool is ISO 9001:2008 certification, is a member of the USCTI (American cutting tools association) and ISA (industrial supply association).

Our clients include the industry’s largest aerospace and defense contractors, as well as major manufacturers of power generation, fluid control and transportation markets.

American tools remain family-owned, with third-generation leadership and strong financial capacity.

The manufacturer’s partner

Our tools represent most of the major cutting tools, abrasive, hand/power tools, personal protective equipment, the professional products and other tool crib/MRO project support our comprehensive client programs. Also, we believe that good relationships with our manufacturer’s suppliers are a key factor in supporting our customers’ commitment to deliver the best products.

In addition to its direct relationship with more than 4,000 manufacturers, the us tool is also a member of several purchasing groups, including NetPlus and InCom. The American tool is also an active member of the American cutting tools institute (USCTI).

Thread will be

VX has won the world no. 1 reputation.

VX indexable rotation insertion technology was developed more than 50 years ago. Vargus’s patent design has been the industry’s standard.

Has more than 6000 kinds of different tools, VX thread cutting tool provides the scope of different grades, IC and insert style type of the largest and most comprehensive collection of pitch and standards, and customization methods of oil and gas industry.