tool group

The American tool group is an innovative industrial product and service provider that provides first-rate cost savings to our customers. These solutions include integrated supply chain management, reconditioning of production cutting tools, automatic sales of industries, customized value-added solutions, information technology and product engineering. The us tools group supports manufacturing and has mature expertise in aerospace, defence and metal processing markets.

Founded in 1958, the company was founded by Paul g. Williams, the largest tool refurbishment company in North America. Now in the industry known as the American tools group (or just our tools), we employ over 800 dedicated professionals who are positioned in facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico… Method including office and manufacturing center, our company in Missouri, Alabama and regional operation center, (2), California, Georgia, (2), Kansas, New Hampshire, north Carolina, Ohio (2), Texas, Utah and Virginia.

The U.S. tool also provides support for more than 100 north American client programs.

The us tool is ISO 9001:2008 certification and is a member of UHSCTI and IHSA (industrial supply association).

Our clients include the industry’s largest aerospace and defense contractors, as well as major manufacturers of power generation, fluid control and transportation markets.

American tools remain family-owned, with third-generation leadership and strong financial capacity.

The tool is the aerospace, defense and metal processing industry mainly integrated supply partners, is responsible for the planning, procurement, storage, management and use tools, abrasive and other tool crib and MHRO projects. Our tools is a “pure integrator,” which means that we, on behalf of our clients in the market, to provide products and services to meet the specific needs of customers, focus on customer is seeking to reduce costs and improve productivity through supply chain partners is an expert in the management of indirect materials.

For cutting tool, the tool provides a unique ability, from the most professional manufacturers and professional manufacturers to provide new tools, and we build or modify air special cutting tools.