Tool FB

We will help customers reduce manufacturing costs, increase parts production, improve quality, and increase profits. Our mission is to bring “profit benefits” to our metalworking customers.

“Profit efficiency” means different things to different companies. Tools for FB, which means that we will help the metal processing enterprises successfully solve work closely with high production yield and partly for the combination of tight with the challenge of manufacturing schedule, in order to maximize our customers’ profits. We achieve this by providing customers with the widest range of special tools in the industry, and rapidly (usually 2-6 weeks) at a competitive price.

In today’s business, quality is an overused word. Tool FB invites you to examine our knives carefully. When you remove the tool from the package, you will see the quality of the tool FB tool. But wait for our tools in the machine – this is where the tool FB tool really shines!

Tool FB has won a reputation for engineering and technical support far beyond the way you order it from the catalog. The call tool FB means that you will talk to a real cutting tool professional, and your manufacturing problems/challenges will get reliable technical advice.

If this is not enough, tool FB supports the performance application of our tools. You decide what tools you want to accomplish, and tool FB will design/create a tool to meet the agreed specifications for the job!

Fast lead time + high output + tight tolerances + compact manufacturing progress = profit efficiency!

The tooling factory’s special (special) tool for quick delivery allows you to process the parts you need when you need them… Yesterday!

Schmarje thread factory

Fully formed CAM grinding tools can be worn easily by grinding the flute surface.

Thread milling produces more consistent and precise threads than traditional tapping.