Tool FB standard cutter

When the chuck fully enters the chuck body, the spring closes the collar and locks the clamp on the chuck.

Tool FB standard cutter

Tool FB has historically been considered a world-class designer and manufacturer of special cutting tools. Through the 2001 acquisition (Schmarje Thread Mill Company), 2003 (MC Tool Corporation) and 2004 (RHK) cutting tools, Tool Fab has expanded its unique high engineering standard cutting tools products, these tools are metal processing Company, they seek high performance at a competitive price.

Tool FB provides the following standard off-the-shelf tools:

Indexable port tool

Indexable -shank boring bar

Schmarje thread mill (hard alloy and hard alloy)

MC adjustable reamer

MC Nobursink tools

MC wizard fast-changing chuck,Collets & Tap driver

ISO cartridges

Tooling tools (supports and inserts)

Shock type cooling water – through end milling cutter holder

Indexable slot mills

Relocable screw hole

Indexable port tool (inch)

Indexable port tool

Tooling Fab manufactures world-class indexable port tools to meet high performance and consistent production requirements.

The precision hard alloy liner guarantees the high repeatability of high volume and compact-resistant parts.

Cooling water is designed to operate efficiently.

Meet SHAE 16142,SHAE J514,SHAE 1926/1, and MHS16142 specification.

Special dimensions can be designed and manufactured as required.

Indexable port tool (metric)

Index indexable port tool

Tool FB creates world-class indexable port tools to meet high performance and consistent production requirements.

Comply with ISO 149-1 and SHAE j2244/1 specification.

Carbide blade and wedge blade

Tool FB makes high speed steel and carbide blade (THCT) blade and wedge shape for various processing needs and applications. In many cases, the cutting blades are serrated on the side of the blade, and used in the pockets of large jagged milling cutters (which we also design and manufacture). These mills use a jagged wedge that locks the blades into the cutters’ pockets – we make these wedges with a variety of special shapes and sizes.