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Tool FB is associated with traditional courtesy and professional customer service and irreplaceable tool experience and engineering technology. We are proud to say that this is our connection to people, making our work important and satisfying.

The link between the tool FB and the cutting tools industry began in 1970 with special tools (the cup-tip or “THCT” specialty). As the industry develops new indexable tool technology to produce metal parts, tool FB’s special tools are designed to meet customer challenges. In addition to our professional technology, special tools tools FB has also developed our own standard products, such as port of indexable tool, indexable carbide boring bar handle, ISO cartridges, punching tool holder, indexable screw pairs and chamfering of indexable milling cutter. In 2001, we purchased the Schmarje thread rolling mill (IA), which allows tools Fab to provide the world’s best solid solid carbide and THCT thread milling cutter. In 2003, we acquired MHC tools (Meadville, PA), the tool allows tools use FB older technology (adjustable Reamers, Nobursink tools and serrated cutter), and applied to today’s challenges. In 2004, we acquired the RHK cutting tool (Hudson,OH) and now provides a complete tooling and insert for tooling. In 2011, we were acquired by black hawk industrial.

The tool Fab has some of the best fully integrated five-axis CNC machining and grinding techniques that can be purchased. We can try to use our advanced equipment, software, and the details of the factory to give you leave deep impression, but the truth is, all the best in the world “thing” is not important, unless it is with a person with ability, diligence, honesty and together. It’s our people who connect with you, make all the difference. We can’t wait to prove this to you. We look forward to contacting you soon!

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