tool FB

We make blades and wedges in tool FB, specifically for your tool requirements and design.

In addition, the tool FB also manufactures various types of unique high speed steel or THCT cutting blades, such as tidal blades, shear blades and reamer blades.

Indexable carbide handle boring bar

Carbide shank boring bar

The best guarantee on the market today is that if braze breaks we will replace the tools free of charge. (call tool FB provides quality assurance details)

Standard ISO inserts can get very competitive prices from tool FB.

Both sides of the standard size are available on both sides.

Special indexable boring bar can be provided according to requirements. Our inquiry

Insert pocket rotated 90 ° brazing of maximum strength and durability after running for a long time.

Each indexable boring bar is equipped with tool FB unparalleled technical service and years of tool experience.

Unbalanced performance in deburring, chamfering, and anti-sinking operations.

Quality performance

Precision engineering, cutting most metal and plastic, no vibration (not recommended for aluminum bronze applications).

Self-propelled, self-centering motion, free cutting, low torque to burr, consistent concentric chamfering and anti-sinking.

Smooth surface without secondary burrs.

Controlled radial decompression, even in light burr/chamfer operation, can also obtain positive, non-contact contact.

Quality cutting tools and services since 1988…

We are a leader in professional services for indexable cutting tools. The cornerstone of our service is custom design/manufacturing, details and assembly. We are experts in the use or damage of indexable tools to recover and rebuild.

Our service is a benchmark in the industry, which has perfect performance in grinding, milling, turning of lathe, machining of electric spark, heat treatment, black oxide, laser engraving, etc. When companies have difficult custom tool projects, they usually turn to the hyperdex tool system to get the best and timely solutions.