Tool Crib station

Start with a good foundation

AC’s latest generation of handheld scanners are built on popular Windows mobile platforms. The mobilec rib device can read and write the ac database in real time. For more information about communication products and other U.S. tools, please visit our website

Tool Crib station

You can quickly and easily convert your manual tool, crib, into a virtual automatic distributor, using the communication tool crib station. Simply specify an existing tool room, tool crib or storage area as tool crib, using communication software. A communication tool, Crib station, is installed in the Crib window. Now, the tool Crib service staff or user is using a touch screen to perform data entry.

After the user selects the desired project, print out a receipt with bin location to help the service staff or users locate the project in the secure area.

Automatic or unattended crib or a running system

  • automate your existing tool room, crib, or storage
  • no waiter’s question/return tool
  • capture the trade before opening the crib

The tool request at the remote location

You can also place tools Crib stations in different locations or remote working units to create a “running system”. Users enter the tool or supply request at the tool Crib station. The central tool crib prints out orders and problems, and delivers the requested tool through a runner (lower)

Cost) while keeping the operator at his work center.

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Founded in 1958, the company was founded by Paul g. Williams, the largest tool refurbishment company in North America.