tool cotting

The storage container module has 3 “(8cm) high, with a standard 24” (61cm) depth and a variety of widths that can be blended and matched to provide a customized solution.

Transparent LED lighting Windows allow users to browse quickly

Identify the product they want and then release it through the intuitive touchscreen user interface. Multi-state LED status lights quickly identify objects on the floor and the status of objects in the locker.

The keylock foreign exchange also offers an optional 110 volt power socket, which can be used as a storage tank for rechargeable batteries.

In addition, the system will manage charging times and always allocate

The longest charge. Electronic tools (laptops and ipads) also work

Responsible for managing virus definitions and operating system updates.

Independent or additional RC

  • high resolution 19 inch (48cm) touch screen
  • small cabinet footprint
  • large perspective Windows provide maximum visibility
  • LED lighting clearly illuminates the product inside
  • each cabinet door or drawer has information status light
  • motor driven locking reduces interference and maintenance problems
  • lockers can be numbered according to customers’ requirements
  • easy to reconfigure by changing the size and partition
  • special lockers for laptops, tablets and eTools

Only the product with the most battery charging or battery life can be released

  • configurable or non-standard storage cabinets
  • optional: 110v power is used to keep the battery and items fully charged
  • optional: individual cooling fan and filter system to keep electronic tools clean and cool
  • optional: manage switching systems to push updates and virus definitions to laptops, devices, and electronic tools
  • optional: the caster can easily place the lockers where you want them
  • power supply: 100-240vac – 50/60hz, 2A /1.0 a MAX

The IHPT is a reader of the turnkey system radio frequency identification (RHFID) placed on a bottleneck, the control area of the tracking movement of RFID tags. Use the IPT security tool in the entire warehouse! You’ll find that IHPT applications are the perfect solution, and a lot of things need to be distributed or where there are lots of large or heavy items.