tool characteristic

Buy as much as you want.

  • post delicate items without falling off
  • quick release time of 10 seconds or less!
  • automatic purchase orders
  • control adjustable items and first force regrinding
  • general search – find all project scope!
  • regulatory management – denial of access to instruments that are no longer calibrated
  • user access: fingerprint, proximity card, key fobs, magnetic stripe card, bar code, keyboard/pin. You can use what you have

Employee badges!

  • optional: the caster can easily reposition your machine where you want it
  1. Use your staff badge or employee number to log in. To increase security, fingerprint verification is required.
  2. Select the project – select the item you want.
  3. Project distribution – the machine automatically finds the right items, opens the twin towers and we distribute the products, and opens the security doors outside.

Optional: you can also track cost data such as departments, work, machines, assembly lines, and cost centers.

Customer number, tail number… You can customize field names to match your requirements.

The IPL is a turnkey system radio frequency identification (RFID) reader placed in a bottleneck, RFID tag tracking movement control area.

IPL design and double door configurations make a good choice for smaller warehouses and cribs. You’ll find that IPL is the perfect solution, with lots of items that need to be distributed or where there are lots of large or heavy items.

How does it work


  1. Work input – employees enter the IPL by using employees’ badges or staff Numbers.
  2. Stores – users can purchase entire cribs for items they need.
  3. Project checkout — just press the checkout button and the IPL will automatically scan the item

Issue a receipt and open the door.

Return the staff badge, press the check button, and return the item to the designated place.