thread milling

  • for a tool with a diameter of 8, 10, 12 mm, provide the coolant thru
  • thread length: 2xDo and 2.5 xdo (thread diameter)
  • all tools are left-handed, right and left
  • thread standard:

ISO metrics: from M3x0.5 to M23x2.0 us UN: from 4-40 to 3/8 “x16

  • VTS level:

A common, heavy thread milling grade TiAlN coating for high wear resistance

Spiral grooves with coolant thru for additional deep threaded applications

Features and benefits

  • maximum thread length: 3xDo (thread diameter)
  • reduce the bulge of the cutting force

, Multi – tooth geometry

  • reduction of long thread processing time
  • VTH rating:

A common, heavy thread milling grade grinding, coating on wea with high abrasion resistance

Composed of GROOVEX VHG – the new series of the cut tool, provides a wider range of application and the option, in the same insert pocket, deep groove were shut down, rotate, analysis, boring, surface grooves and threads. VHG cutting inserts also provide a variety of chip forming and carbide grades, making the VHG-cut program a very generic system.

The VHG-cut tool covers a wide range of thread processing standards in the processing between the shoulders and near the main shaft, reaching a depth of 10.0 mm.

Vg – cut has a unique multi-functional geometry that allows end users to reduce inventory in a wide range of application options.

VHMG – very hard substrate with a fixed edge. PHVD coating M35 low cutting speed. Recommended for stainless steel and discontinuous cutting.

The wide application of vhpg-submicron substrate. Excellent anti – fracture resistance.

PHVD coating P20 for medium to high cutting speed. Suitable for opening and rotating of alloy and stainless steel.

VHKG – hard substrate. CHVD coating K25.

Excellent wear resistance, high cutting speed. It is recommended to cast iron and channel steel in stable condition.

The correct chip formation is critical to the evacuation of the chip.