Thread milling cutter

Thread milling cutter is more general, allowing multiple diameters of the same pitch to thread with the same thread milling machine.

The thread of thread mill production has fine thread quality and high strength, 20-30% higher than thread hole!

Thread milling provides a much reduced cycle time and less horsepower requirements.

Threaded milling refers to the absence of broken taps and blocked holes, which usually result in the scrap of parts.

The Schmarje thread mill of the tool FB line is 100% CHNC grinding, from high grade submicrite carbide, and maintains strict tolerances for precise and precise results.

The tool FB has a large selection of standard thread factories (including solid carbide and cemented carbide) in two inches and metric sizes. Hard alloy wire mill can be used for screw or straight groove design. We produce a variety of shape, size and design of special thread rolling mill, its production cycle is 2 weeks or less! See tool FB tool refurbishment plan part in this directory for the best, the most competitive price of the line mill re-tipping and re-grinding/regrinding procedures in industry!

The MC

In April 2003, FB acquired the MC tool company (Meadville, Pennsylvania). KC’s assets were transferred to FB’s Milwaukee factory and immediately began producing MC tools. Acquisition of MC increased the adjustable RMS, with high speed steel and carbide insert (THCT) blade, NSK tools used in deburring, chamfering, the application of the sink, serrated blade, and wedge blade, saw blade milling cutter and wizard to quickly change tools, tools in FB existing product line. Since then, the tool company has been faithfully providing world-class manufacturing technology and technical support to MC’s customers.

NSK tools

NSK tools

Unbalanced performance in deburring, chamfering, and anti-sinking operations.

Quality performance

Precision engineering, cutting most metals and plastics, without discussion (not recommended for aluminum or bronze applications).

Self-propelled, self-centering motion, free cutting, low torque to burr, consistent concentric chamfering and anti-sinking.