THMDR tool drills

Features and benefits

  • THMDR tool drills, lines and chamfering are all in one tool operation
  • no longer needed for pre-drilling!
  • tools also apply to pre-drilled parts, such as blind holes, through holes or even semi-finished holes
  • for a tool with a diameter of 8, 10, 12 mm, provide the coolant thru
  • thread length: 2xDo and 2.5 do (thread diameter)
  • thread standard:

ISO metric: from M3x0.5 to M23x2.0

United Nations: from 4-40 to 3/8 “x16

  • THMDR is available in the VTS level

The long thread of THM solid HCN

Features and benefits

  • maximum thread length: 3xDo (thread diameter)
  • reduce the bulge of the cutting force

, Multi – tooth geometry

  • reduction of long thread processing time
  • HHCN is available at VTH level

In these three versions, the most popular and advanced thread and thread milling software also has:

Improved responsive design is now compatible with all devices

(computers, tablets and smartphones)

  • online interactive software

Always on, always updated!

  • independent software applications
  • Windows OS based programs
  • automatic updates

USB memory device independent software package

  • based on Windows operating system

Just open ZIP & click VargusGen. Application

Line of defense

Features and benefits

  • deep rake design for better chip flow
  • professional solutions for accessories industry
  • reduce cutting force and improve tool life
  • recommended mass production
  • applicable to standard VX thread turning interior
  • the d line is available at the VKX level

Features and benefits

  • improved clamping system
  • standard tool holders use coolant to better enable chip evacuation
  • the left hand tool can be used as a standard
  • mini 5LK and mini 6.0 k can be used in VKX and VTX levels

Features and benefits

  • high pressure coolant
  • better chip evacuation for safe processing
  • tools live longer

Features and benefits

  • improved clamping technology
  • newly designed vibration damper handles
  • tools live longer
  • economic solutions

Threaded system