tedious tools

In this program, all the tedious tools are sorted only, and only high usage items are reused and returned to the customer. Low-use items are kept in a dull state until they need to be crushed again… A real program. In some cases, the tools to be polished are also preserved in our tools, and we manage the customers’ dull and sharp inventory.

American tools will clean and repair various models and styles of c-clamp to return the fixture to the “new” state.

The American tools provide special tool manufacturing services for threaded rods and other adjustment tools, double edge step drills and other products tailored to our customers’ specifications. The American tool’s product engineering team will set up knives, even in small quantities, according to customer requirements. American tools will also modify existing tools to meet current geometric requirements.

Information technology

Tool employs software programmers of all employees in the United States, the authors of the report and hardware experts, they support us tools enterprise ERP software, AC/industrial vending tool crib management software, the tools of proprietary software and client database.

Tools integrated supply programs in order to support the United States, our IT specialists developed customer specific program performance metrics and reports, to show our tools in line with the key performance indicators, including cost savings (from a variety of activities), regrinding tool utilization, process improvement, and other requirements of the contract. American tool IT specialists also provide the ability to support customer requests to achieve highly customized reports with product usage and other required information.

The core of our tools is specialized tool management software, which supports the unique characteristics of our method management through different stages of normal life… New, boring, sharp… All at different cost values. The tool manager software computes the return and scrap rate of the blunt tool, and expects the expected weight of each tool to be repeated, and to consider the lead time of the new tool to achieve wear or drop rate.