Special thread

Special thread factory

Cluster/radius – mixed milling cutter

Modify the standard

Solid carbide round tool

High speed steel wheel tool

Special ink cartridge

Special insert – special THCT or HGSS serrated blade

Special special tools

Why deal with different types of tool makers in different types of special tools? With the tool FB, you can consolidate your vendor and get all the main types of custom cutting tools and brazed tools under one roof! We produce all the products you see at our most advanced factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Tool FB is referred to as the most extensive custom or “special” cutting tool in the United States. We work closely with our manufacturing customers, and we often share approval printing through digital technology to maximize the production speed, accuracy and consistency of the tools. Engineering software compatibility is an efficient and efficient communication link between your engineering department and ours!

Customize tools to fit your specific needs…

Milling cutter

Tool holder

The cartridge

Boring bar

Drilling tool

Special multi-diameter boring tool

Special forms of inserts and blades

Reaming tools

Drilling and anti-drilling tools

Have sewing jacketed

Chuck jaw

Other jobs have tools

Modified standard tools and more!

We focus on cost-benefit processing, saving your time and money + we provide all the necessary equipment for your manufacturing needs.

The hyperdex tool system can repair your damaged indexable tool at a lower cost. In order to ensure satisfactory customers, we have adjusted the appearance and function. We have the ability to repair tools made by all tool makers.

We know time is money. Our standard delivery time is based on our current backlog, but we are prepared to adapt to the emergency work according to the machine’s ability or quotation. Our indoor laser marking, heat treatment, and our hot and cold black change processes enable us to respond quickly to quick work.