Solid carbide and carbide head

Solid carbide and carbide head

Boring reamer


  • eliminate boring operations
  • improve surface finish
  • high production consistency
  • CNC manufacturing
  • semi microcrystalline hard alloy

Each application is designed

  • solid hard alloy
  • carbide heads

Taper shank,

  • straight shank
  • multiple diameters
  • coolant passes
  • various coatings
  • endoconcentric

. The 00004-0002

  • completion of hole size

Application program

  • aluminum

Cast iron,

Mild steel,

Alloy steel,

  • stainless steel and die steel

Through the hole,

Blind hole,

  • steps

Professional milling cutter…


  • solid submicro particles and metal ceramics
  • hard alloy veneer with CNC grounding
  • right hand or left hand
  • combined operation of coolant hole
  • the cone • special shank
  • design each application

Professional diamond tools

  • polishing exercise
  • reamer
  • milling cutter
  • drilling tools
  • port cutter

The hole,

  • counter remit

Excellence is the creative and dedicated staff of providing high-quality hard metal cutting tools for the global market, providing high-quality, fair and honest services for customers, employees and suppliers. The company has more than 40 employees, in the most advanced factory in the United States, with over 50 years of special tool manufacturing experience. Together with Japan, Malaysia and Mexico, Uber is a real world leader in professional toolmaking.

The company produces special hard alloys and rotating cutting tools at the top of the PHCD, such as end mills, reamer, bit and stair tools. We build our tools on CHNC equipment and use quality control systems to ensure the highest quality standards. Sales of industrial distributors throughout the United States and 27 countries. Depending on your specifications and excellent quality standards, you can expect higher performance, closer tolerance and extended tool life and improved productivity.

Founded in 1988, the United States cutting tools institute (UHSCTI) is a merger of two national associations representing the cutting tool manufacturing industry: metal cutting tools research institute and tool manufacturers association. The resulting organization currently accounts for 80 percent of the domestic tool market. Today, the work of the USCTI is to represent, promote and expand the American cutting tools industry and promote the benefits of buying american-made cutting tools.