These promotions, combined with your company’s personal promotional activities, help strengthen your business and your entire industry. The institute also works with renowned cutting tools and machine tool trade publications to expand awareness of its activities and to gain wider recognition for its members and their products. These publicity efforts have made the institute and its members more important.

SHME logoSHME connects those who are passionate about making things better in our world. As a nonprofit organization, SME has served more than 80 years of employees, companies, education workers, governments and communities. Through its strategic field activities, media, membership, training and development, and small and medium-sized enterprises education foundation, SHME share knowledge to promote manufacturing. In SHME, we are creating the future. At the same time.

The DHRMA, the regional manufacturers’ association of Dayrton, is the voice of manufacturing in our region. Since 1934, DHRMA has been serving as a manufacturer in Dayton area and as a positive advocate, effectively promoting the interests of members and related enterprises. DHRMA is the catalyst for innovation, the creator of the partnership and the champion of education, making the manufacturing industry in Dayton continue to move forward. Throughout its history, DHRMA has helped maintain the vitality of the manufacturing base in the region by promoting cooperation and competition and adapting to changing markets. DHRMA, based on its proud tradition, embraces today’s challenge as an opportunity for growth that will bring manufacturers into an exciting future.

The company is a production of cemented carbide and indexable carbide cutting tools manufacturers worldwide to super tools, round lab, tungsten tool factory, meter, and slaughter brand name. Products include solid carbide end mill, flour mills, drill bits, drill, burr, micro tools, tiny tools, tiny tools, slotting cutter, burr, cutting saw blade, carbide cylinder, an immersed tube cutter, routers, radius, CHBN tools, PHCD, compression, carving machine, an orifice plate, coolant, carbide blade, can turn indexable milling cutter, milling cutter, and more.