When they exit, they will check, the system will confirm that there is no item on hand and open the door.

  • 24-7 usability – security and reliability
  • manage the unlimited number of cribs per crib
  • applicable to existing stores

The cost of each item is very low

  • the ability to redistribute labels
  • self-help services – reduce labor
  • reduce reliance on bin location accuracy (the error bin project is ok)
  • RHFID reader & 2 RF antenna
  • first-generation RHFID technology
  • photo beam sensor
  • high resolution 19 inch (48cm) touch screen
  • RHFID printer – tags can be programmed before being applied to a product by an optional high-speed printer
  • receipt printer
  • electronic control gateway
  • full user access support – support for close range CARDS, key fobs, magnetic stripe CARDS, barcode, keyboard/pin
  • multiple languages – support for other languages
  • emergency door release
  • more assurance of project identification (specific serial number)
  • ease of use (inspection/output and validation)
  • the Gen2 passive RHFID label is smaller, only about $0.20.


  • single door – 46 “W (116cm)x 93” H(236cm)x20 “D (50cm)
  • the pedestrian road is 23 (58 cm) between the doorway.
  • double gate – 70 “W (177cm)x 93” H(236cm)x20 “D (50cm)
  • a 44-inch (111cm) walkway between the doors
  • power: 100-240vac – 50/60hz, 5A / 2.5a MAX
  • 12 months warranty

The keypad lock currency market is the first and only one cabinet system

The design is completely modular. This platform allows you to build a custom lockers system for your company’s unique needs.

The method on the shelf allows you to configure exactly what you need and only buy what you need. There is no need to purchase excess storage cabinets and take up valuable space.

You determine the frame size, controller box, locker size, power supply (optional) and network switch (optional). There are 12 different sizes of lockers for you to choose from.