Simple and fast tracking RFID reader covers every Angle

IPT sets up a huge RFID antenna at every Angle around the user, making it a very fast reading speed. It USES the photo beam quality indicator to detect how many users have entered the portal. It also has two cameras that can capture users from before and after.

The latest trends in RFID technology are the best designed RFID portals in the industry. IPT USES modern gen 2,Class 1, passive RFID tags. What does this mean for you? This means cheaper RFID tags than other RFID solutions.


Just like the original IPT

IPT Lite is a turnkey system for radio frequency identification (RFID) readers tracking RFID tags in a controlled area.

IPT Lite has been designed in single and double doors

The configuration makes it a good choice for small shops and cribs.

You will find that IPT Lite is the perfect solution to the application, with a large number of projects that need to be published, or there are many large or large projects. It’s ideal for high-throughput cribs, because multiple employees can “shopping” at the same time, eliminating the long lines of the tool crib.

IPT Lite provides the minimum cost for each vended project in a high-volume environment. IPT Lite can be vend and track an

Unlimited number of projects with various types, sizes and shapes.

Features of IPT and IPT Lite

  • 24-7 usability – security and reliability
  • manage the unlimited number of cribs per crib
  • applicable to existing stores

The cost of each item is very low

  • the ability to redistribute labels
  • self-help services – reduce labor
  • reduce reliance on bin location accuracy (the error bin project is ok)
  • RHFID reader & 2 RF antenna
  • first-generation RHFID technology
  • photo beam sensor
  • touch screen user interface
  • RHFID printer – tags can be programmatically selected

The speed printer is applied before the product

  • receipt printer
  • electronic control gateway
  • full user access support – support for close range CARDS, key fobs, magnetic stripe CARDS, barcode, keyboard/pin