Repair parts, gages

Repair parts, gages, bulk items, etc.

Customized and easy to reconfigure for you

Each RC is customized to suit your item, and the door baffle will be automatically adjusted to fit each box, and is prohibited from entering the nearby dustbin. This also makes it easy to reconfigure when your storage needs to be changed, because you can change containers of different sizes at any time. AC also offers some good options, such as configurable, configurable bins that allow you to change boxes with just one screw. So when your inventory needs to change, you can quickly and easily change the box.


Often, storage needs to change, so the RC designed by AC is easy to reconfigure. Any tray assembly can be replaced in a few minutes. Only remove and replace four screws. This allows a system that is easily adaptable to dynamic storage requirements. The system can choose to have no frame doors, allowing larger projects to be directed vertically. For larger projects, you can add AL and be driven by RC user interface to create a super robo.


Machinery or other

Competition for vending machines. Our patent shelf

The system combines with a flexible tambour style door to give

The machine can almost eliminate the vertical dustbin

“Height” is the common waste of a fixed door machine.

Significantly lower maintenance costs

AC’s rich experience has found that reducing the number of moving parts significantly reduces maintenance. Using two tambour eliminates 15 separate subsystems, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

The “robot” THX750 was the first machine specifically designed to allocate squares or rectangles

Boxes or bags. The double tambour method, combined with a machine that USES square bins, can range from 2 inches (50mm) to 60 inches (1524mm) in height, making it incredibly flexible.

Quick configured

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