RC series

The goods in stock need to be reordered immediately. More than 200 standard reports are available:

  • reorder the report
  • forecasting stock exit
  • inventory value
  • consumer reports of departments, jobs and employees
  • slow, dead stocks
  • all the overhead costs you need to manage, cut costs, and increase productivity

Reduce consumer spending by 20% to 40% through adequate introduction

Accountability. RC series is our most popular industrial vending machine. It can manage security issues and project return. It has almost no inventory items, including very small, large and delicate items that you don’t want to give up.

It’s good for fast and slow moving project types. It’s a large number of sku levels. Best of all, there is no need for a separate repackaging. RC series can do all the things spiral coil “candy bar” style machine cannot.

  • RC VX500 inventory 628, and its 3 ‘x 3’ frame fit through a standard door!
  • RC VX1000 inventory 1048, and its 3 ‘x 3’ frame fit through a standard door!
  • RC LX2000 stock 2574 5 x5 framework.

Fast vend time is less than 10 seconds for any project!

Using a series of counter-rotating rotating carousels, it can rotate at the same time in less than 10 seconds. This kind of patent design doesn’t exist anywhere else.

You have almost no inventory items from your RC

Wide selection of bin size so that you can provide a wide range of items, including a very small, large or delicate items, it is not easy to distribute or impossible from the traditional tools vending machine distribution.

Whether you’re interested in vending machines, vending machines, or vending machines, you can do it with RC.

Here are some examples of by RC distribution machine, cutting tools, carbide insert, batteries, safety glasses, ear plugs, welding head, hand tools, valves, adhesives, keys, repair parts, spray, pipe fittings, drilling, adhesive tape, air tools,