RC machine

AC offers a variety of dispensing machines and lockers to meet a wide range of customer needs.

A breakthrough in industrial vending technology

It’s incredibly dense

The system is provided in its most intensive (minimal) bin size configuration

That’s 987 boxes, roughly equivalent to our other equivalent

RC machine or other competing vending machines. Our patent plastic bin shelf system, combined with flexible tambour style door, the machine has the ability to eliminate almost vertical waste bin “height”, the door machine is a common and fixed.

Significantly lower maintenance costs

AC’s rich experience has found that reducing the number of moving parts significantly reduces maintenance. The use of dual TB eliminates 15 independent subsystems, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Distribute square packages or boxes

The RCTHX750 first machine is specially designed for squares or rectangular boxes or packages. The pra fundamentally eliminates the need for repackaging objects to fit the spiral coils or carousel that USES pie shape boxes. The dual-tb method, plus a machine that USES square bins, can range from 2 inches (5cm) to 60 inches (152cm).

Quickly configure the client site

The simple user interface makes the most of the bin density

Flexibility through simple sliding rack to rack. This machine gives you a quick and simple task assignment. When performing the initial inventory or load, you can set up machines that have little preparation

  • patent plastic pallets facilitate reconfiguration of shelves
  • high resolution 19 inch (48cm) touch screen
  • configuration: as high as 987 SHKUs (unique product) 2 inches (5cm)bin


  • weight capacity: 1200 pounds (544 kg)
  • onboard PC:Intel Core i5 processor
  • shell size:

-34.1 “W (86.6cm)x 79.4” H(201.7cm)x 41.4 “D (105.2 cm)

– only 9.8 square feet (0.9 square metres) of floor space!

  • forklift built-in slot (optional: heavy-duty rotary caster)
  • power: 100-240vac – 50/60hz, 5A / 2.5a MAX
  • UPS spare batteries

24-7 usability and accountability

  • no repackaging
  • quick deployment site
  • boxes or packages that distribute squares or rectangles
  • no inventory is required. Use 100% of the machine space!