prox CARDS

Simple user interface can be used to make maximum use of container density and flexibility through simple sliding frame to frame. This machine gives you a quick and simple task assignment. When performing the initial inventory or load, you can set up machines that have little preparation.

19 “!!!

Amazing high resolution 19 touch screen, the biggest industrial vending machine in the market.

Intuitive biometric technology

Use traditional methods such as bar codes, prox CARDS, smart CARDS and magnetic stripe identification CARDS. Use fingerprint scanning as a password to increase security.


Inventory management of small parts and fasteners is a pain. The procurement department is responsible for monitoring low – and high-volume products.

Inventory managers are forced into pre-formed labor-intensive cycles. To successfully manage the inventory management of fasteners and widgets, you must use automation so that your employees can focus on value-added activities. ScalUNK is the machine you need to do your job well.

No manual counting of fasteners or a scalUNK that lets workers “guess” can allow you to accurately track what you have in the inventory of fasteners or widgets, as well as the needs of each item. This enables you to increase inventory turnover and reduce inventory. Assigning exact Numbers also prevents extra fasteners from accidentally dropping into components.

The medical examiner has a lot of traceability

A lot of tracking has gotten better. When you deal with fasteners and small parts, you usually deal with multiple vendors and batches. Chances are you’ll find yourself in a very unfortunate situation, in many or a number of recalls.

This system combines with a RC to ensure that each area is physically separated. Users can only access a garbage can in one time, and a lot of Numbers can’t be mixed and cross-contaminated. The report provides a complete audit trail. You can see when it was released, when it was released, what it was published, what work it posted, and other information that showed your entire inventory. This is very helpful, because you will know when and where to use defective products.