New indexable groove insertion

  1. The work starts from the surface grooves and is close to the outside diameter (figure A). In a short interval of work (pecking), the maximum slotting depth is twice the insertion width.
  2. In this method, the center of the artifact required by the entire pocket shape (figure B) is directed toward the center of the artifact. Each additional slot width should be less than the approximately inserted width. 0.3 mm.
  3. Only the first groove of the project is completed in a short time (pecking) for better chip evacuation. Other grooves can persist based on application recommendation feeds.
  4. The recommended chip for alloy steel is GP. Use GT for stainless steel.
  5. Work from the outside diameter of the workpiece and work. Produces the desired radius, and then the face rotation operation approaches the tangent point of the inner radius.
  6. Start from inside diameter to the bottom of the workpiece and generate the required radius as needed.

New indexable groove insertion

Groovex’s Groovical series provides an improved solution for both internal and external grooves and steering applications. GHVN26 and GHV29 / GHVN29 function inserts have three cutting corners and a unique rigid clamping system to improve productivity.

New style of GHVN insertion in Groovical line provides a new application, including rotation and groove chip, the formation of helical chip, spiral chips used in grooves, insert new separation, processing close to the shoulder and left hand tools.


It is applicable to high cutting speed and open slot application under dry conditions. Multi-layer AlTiN coating, commonly used to prevent peeling and peeling.

* for VHTX level, increase speed by 20%.

For better chip evacuation in gutters, short chips are preferable. Therefore, it is recommended to work (pecking) within a short time interval, and the maximum slotting depth is twice as long as the insertion width.