“N” style

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“N” style — no floral shredder

Our most popular insertions do not have chipsets, and include seven degrees of radial clearance. The “N” type is mainly used for semi-finishing and finishing of ferrous materials in the hardness range of 28-48 Rc. The superior strength of the “N” cutting edge allows the material to be processed into 48 Rc in some applications.

Style – Chipbreaker CHF

This insert is almost identical to the geometry of the “N” style, except that it has a fine grinding machine. The “CHF” style is very effective within the hardness range of 28-35 Rc. The smooth and free cutting action of chip breaker reduces the pressure of cutting pressure. Wear on the spindle of the machine; Improved insert life and surface finish. In soft “adhesive” materials, the “CHF” type of floral knife eliminates the edge of accumulation, which can lead to the premature edge of insertion and surface finish of the workpiece surface.

“SHF” style – super essence

Our “SHF” style is for today’s modern high-speed precision milling machine. “SHF” style is used in light cutting to achieve very fine surface treatment. The “SHF” geometry greatly reduces the cutting pressure, reduces the elasticity of the cutter, and makes the surface finish and the dimension accuracy greatly improved. The most important benefit is to reduce the bench time.

RHKC 505

An uncoated grade of fine grain K10 powder. The main application of this grade is soft non-ferrous materials. It is also an excellent substrate for special coatings and PHCD dumping.

RHKC 5015

A TiAlN PHVD coated fine grained carbide made from K10 powder. This level is excellent in semi-finishing and processing of ferrous materials in the 28-48 Rc range. RHKC 5015 is very hard