Metal cutting tools

We will thoroughly inspect the components and/or accessories of the tool (blade, pin, screw, wedge, collar, etc.). When necessary, only replace the tool when necessary to achieve maximum performance.

Metal cutting tools refurbished

Special price (Re-tips & re-grinds)

Since we know that tool FB’s hard alloy material is made of the best and most stable tool steel, we provide the special tools we make for the tip service. Tool FB provides regrinding services on its solid carbide and high speed steel tools, as well as regrinding of high-performance drills. Call us today!

Indexable repair tool

Tool FB will also fix any indexable tools (standard or special tools) we make. Simply deliver the tools you need to repair to the tool FB, request for an offer, and we’ll redecorate our tools to help you maximize your return on your investment in our products.

Sales standard terms and conditions

Tool FB is committed to helping manufacturers reduce their cost and time investments. We contact with manufacturing engineers and our distributors sales partners, providing tools and solutions to the client’s objectives and innovative tools – all of these are in order to save precious time and expensive resources. Saving time is through many different channels. The most obvious and important channel is the production and runtime savings of the quality part, but the tool Fab provides more. Today’s manufacturers have fewer people doing more work – you may be living this reality in your company. Tool FB will help you to increase the burden of time and become an engineering weapon in your work to achieve production goals. We connect people with solutions to cutting tools — that’s what we’ve done for 40 years, and we’re constantly improving each year.