material type

Select the appropriate chip thickness for material type and hardness. Note that for security reasons, start at the smaller end. The cutting machine less than 1/2 (12mm) should reduce the chart number by 50%.

Using the same standard as spindle speed, RHPM = 6037; On the chart, the chip is 0.005 inch thick, and we all have two flute at the end of the bulb. That is – 6037 x 0.005 x 2 = 60.37 IHPM

The insertion diameter of DHOC is less than 50%.

Chip thinner

The diluted feed rate of the wafer. This is a function of the ratio of the insertion diameter to the cutting depth. When side wall milling, do not use feed rate compensation or effective cutting diameter. Send you can calculate the speed of the compensation (D (insert Ø)/De) x IPM calculated from above (figure). 0.005, this helps to improve the tool’s service life.

Tool refurbishment service

Tooling tool renovation

No matter what you buy is Carbide – cutting-edge products, our standard Schmarje thread factory (THCT or solid Carbide), or our MC adjustable Reamers, you can rest assured that, tool FB provides the fastest, the most competitive industry renovation project.

Thread factory

Schmarje thread factory adopts a unique “CAM grinding” process manufacturing/CHNC ground. In addition to improving the performance of tools, this process also allows for fast and cheap resharps/regrinds without sacrificing significant cutting diameters. In the THCT thread factory, we provided a service that rewrote tips at a thread factory, which was damaged too much to resharpen. This re-tipping service is quick, convenient, and saves you money – you get a tool that behaves as well as new – no new tool price!

Adjustable reamer and sawtooth milling cutter

MC Reamers and milling cutters are made according to the specifications of your application. Once bored, return the tool to the tool FB for regrinding and/or re-grinding.