Loading of 90 ° insert

Loading of 90 ° insert: when using any of the 90 ° insert, ensure that each inserted with direct fit into a pocket, the edge of 90 °

Edge of knife body (concave edge downwards).

The patented millet – loc feature circular insertion: mil-loc keeps the round insertion under load and ensures 8

The index. Use 1/16 “hexadecimal key” and each cutter, rotate the screw from the back, and make the half dog in special milo c

Screw protruding. 030. Make sure the screw thread does not exceed the bottom of the pocket. Put the insert into the pocket

Therefore, the matching indentation behind the blade is consistent with the mill – loc screws in the tool pocket. Tighten the insert normally

Center screw. When using octagonal or square cut, be sure to fully recover the milo c screw.

CHBN series: cubic nitride boron 2 flute microball end milling cutter

High speed and high precision milling hardening steel to 70HRc. • strong CHBN head, with a strong durable cutting surface

  • polish the surface of the workpiece material
  • long life and high resistance to pull
  • precision ball accuracy plus or minus tolerance. 0002
  • large 1/4 ˝ cemented carbide strength w/handle 2 ˝ ovoid

Neck, clearance 15 ° TPS to follow

  • hard alloy end mill with up to 20X


The technology of Round – Tool   alliance and tools:

We focus on creating the details of the best cutting tools available. Our reward is to satisfy customer satisfaction by improving their factory productivity. We can’t do your best, no other ideas, so in 45 years of operating history, we have developed proprietary technology, the technology has produced significant characteristics of cutting tools, not as you find in other places:

, Smooth to Grind  = polishing the cutting edge of extreme clarity and lubrication.

, Smooth – Contricity  = precision grinding tools, tolerance for minimizing the action.

  • Smooth – Coat = Sputter – -based SuperNitride PVD coating of surface hardness and excellent uniformity.