high-throughput cribs

It’s ideal for high-throughput cribs, because multiple employees can “shopping” at the same time, eliminating the long lines of the tool crib. Each open IPT provides the lowest cost project in a large capacity environment. IHPT can be sold and tracked with unlimited number of projects of all different types, size and shape.

The AC design provides secure access to over 200 different items using various drawers, shelves, and dividers. All kinds of storage module size makes the management of small and large MHRO, PHPE, and many other projects a reality (carbide insert, drill bit, spray cans, adhesive tape, safety glasses, air tools, welding techniques, solder joints, and more!)

The system can also control access to products through projects, employees, or work. With many access points to assign machines, AC manages problems and returns the fast and slow moving items of a transaction that no longer requires a personal modification project.

Recovery of floor space for value-added activities

Every industry that has a large number of parts, parts or tools knows that floor space is a quality real estate. AC VLM is designed to optimize the layout of the facility using unused space overhead. The project is automatically retrieved and delivered to the user’s ergonomic access window.

The result: you can maximize the use of minimal manual retrieval. See a sustainable 20-40 per cent increase in productivity and up to 80 per cent of the increased recycling of floor space.

VLM is easy to implement, practical, affordable, built on proven technologies, and will provide years of fail-free services.

Key benefits:

  • renovate important floor space
  • reduce labor costs
  • inventory security and employee responsibilities
  • worker safety – reduces damage
  • sequential selection accuracy


  • the height of modularity
  • AutoCrib ® integration
  • easy to learn and use
  • no repackaging
  • enclosed inventory keeps clean
  • high resolution 19 inch (48cm) touch screen