Hannover 2017,VS proudly introduced a new approach to the shoulder groove insertion.

New super harrow features:

Additional positive rake Angle, 30 °

  • reduces cutting force
  • suitable for low-intensity nonferrous and nonferrous metals

Suitable for small parts processing

  • improving the formation of chips
  • designed to prevent crater wear and chip accumulation

In the GHVN26 and GHVN29 geometries, the new supernormal rake slot inserts can reach 4.90mm.

Insert is in the popular multi-purpose VTX level, as well as the required VKX level. – VS highly popular GROOVEX microscopy system

Internal microprocessing operation, small to 1.0mm. EMO Hanover 2017

VS is providing innovative and superior machining solutions for its customers, and is introducing new and important products for the microscope production line:

  • three new tool support design, adding fixture and versatility
  • selective microscope insertion can now be used in different boring and grooving operations

The three features of the clamping device:

  • reduce the clamping device:

O newly designed vibration reduction handle

O tools live longer

The economic solution

The o contraction tool is applicable to all microscope tubes with diameters of 4mm to 7mm in diameter

  • circular tool, no shoulder circle tool:

O Four – flat design

It can be placed on both sides of the machine tool table

The circular tool can be used for all microscope inserts, 4mm to 7mm

Insert the diameter

The double-sided circular tool has 4mm,5mm,6mm and 7mm

— in EMO Hannover 2017, VS LTD. Proudly introduced

The new SHAVIV GENiusTM hand Deburring tool selects network applications. SHAVIV blades, suits and toolkits are the choice of major companies in industry and household use. The new SHAVIV GENiusTM web application software lets users easily navigate and select the correct DB solution based on specific applications and required materials.

You can enjoy these great features on any device

SHAVIV GENiusTM provides the most complete deburring solution for all types of materials and applications.