Generic applications

Smooth surface without secondary burrs.

Controlled radial decompression, even in light burr/chamfer operation, can also obtain positive, non-contact contact.

It is made of high speed steel, heat treatment and precision abrasive.

Generic applications

Suitable for light machine and portable drill.

It is easy to regrind (cylinder) without special grinding equipment; No CAM grinding or manual wrapping is required.

Hard alloy cutter for high abrasive or difficult machine application.

Various configurations for specific requirements.

Efficient operation

Two cutting edges make the double life of the tool reach one “capacity”; A larger tool, 1-1/2 inch and 2-1/2 capacity meets low torque requirements.

High rake shear Angle, minimum cutting pressure.

Circular clearance provides the control entry, eliminating the trap or catching.

Advantages of the MC reamer

MC adjustable Reamers are practical, store-validated tools for accurate and economic renaming. The MC reamers have national identification pin and helical blade locking devices, a left-hand screw mounted blade, and many other unique features.

They are free to cut, avoid any tendency, and produce an absolute round hole. MC reamers produce more quality and better products at lower cost in less time.

MC reamer decoration:

Three standard designs (no. 90, no. 91, no. 94)

In a wide range of stocks

With hard alloy and high speed steel blades

The time-tested pin-and-screw blade positioning device

Double screw lock design applies only to MC reamers, and firmly fixed the blade to the bottom and back of the blade slot to ensure that it is rigid, easy to adjust and maximum performance under all operating conditions.

Tighten the screw to lock the pressure along the entire length of the blade and press the blade to the bottom and back of the blade slot. Locking pressure is not inconsistent with cutting thrust because the lock is located in the front edge and not in the back of the cutting edge.