The team is a stop resource for all AC requirements to ensure rapid deployment and speed up response to customer requests for system installation and support.

The AC IT support team of U.S. tools also provides valuable software development capabilities to create customer-specific reports based on data collected by the AC system or connected EHRP


In addition to providing AC software, hardware and support, the American tools also provide complete integrated material management solutions, including product planning, procurement, warehousing and delivery. this

Solution also includes tools to quest for the customer on-site management and personnel configuration, as well as other valuable functions, including automatic dispensing, power tool maintenance and tool holder repair, custom machine parts manufacturing, team toolkit, kitchen tools, and other comprehensive management products and services, etc.

American tools also provide the largest cutting tool in North America. In the United States, more than 350 professional cutting tools experts offer up to 500,000 tools per week for major aerospace, defense and large manufacturing companies, Canada and Mexico.

AC inventory software

The simple problem/return screen allows the service staff to quickly identify the requested item and handle the transaction with the least click of the mouse. In addition, the service personnel can transfer inventory from the tool crib to the satellite infant bed or vending machine, plus:

Manage reground or reUNK tools

  • perform a loop count on the inventory
  • manually or automatically purchasing and receiving inventory
  • process site purchase
  • manage a large number of control and shelf life projects
  • all of this, you can do more when you are using various automatic cribs in the control and management background.

In today’s world of reporting overload, smart dashboards for critical system indicators are often difficult to follow. AC’s smart dashboard compiles many reports into an easy-to-use color-coded screen that shows actionable data. Just click on any chart and the system will drill down and tell you what you need to pay attention to.