each tool

Users can drill up to 5, 000 holes in each tool, each tool, and each tool, depending on the size and size of each tool. Each tool has about 6 to 20 grinders. No other tool can match the performance and economy of burr-zit to burr tools.



The BZ tool is the original clamping tool with uneven performance.

Very effective:

  • full of single high quality m-2, high – speed steel structure. (the tools made from advanced steel, such as m-4 and m-42, can be used for special purposes)

-20 and greater internal tension pin adjustment only applies to BZ tools

  • internal tension control needles can be adjusted for tension without removing the tool from the machine
  • because tension pin is an internal property, it does not interfere with bushing, fixtures or holes
  • overall cutting edge prevents dirt or chip blocking

System III tools are tailored to individual needs. In order to ensure that the exact tool design meets your requirements, you should submit part of the printing when asking for an offer.

The handi-burr tool is recommended for use in hand – or medium – production deburring operations.

The tool can automatically be automatically placed in the back or back end of a single channel.

  • a solid tool has only a few parts, and handi-burr is a solid and reliable tool
  • available for fixed spindle or portable power tools
  • control the amount of burr and chamfering by adjusting the fixed screw on the handle
  • the selection is based on the hardness of the material and the speed and feed used

Delete or replace

Leaf blade

For blade replacement or sharpening, remove the blade by fully releasing the fixed screw at the end of the handle. The blade has an open slot design. Slide the slot to the pivot pin and adjust the cut depth to the desired depth. Don’t compress the spring into its solid state. The blade will not be retracted without a spring mat.

Whitney tools now provides a tool for all hard alloy cutting tools to reserve tips – made by Whitney, or made by someone else.

We also provide a tool regrind service to restore the cutting edge to high

High speed steel (HGSS) carbide and hard alloy (CT) tools. If the tool is

Stop using the cutting edge and the unrepaired body

Damaged, our experts can resume their love of new cutting performance.

Like our repayment plan, Whitney’s regrind technique is fine