The polished drill has four edges that can be stabilized while drilling.

These two additional “polishing” edges also help to make the hole more complete than the conventional bit after cutting the edge of the cut. They also help to form a hole from one to the other. Since the polishing edge actually moves the material back, the most important thing is to use the carbide to polish it first, it has the compressive strength, and only the highest quality.

The structure of the straight slot helps to break down the chip into smaller, more manageable sizes.

The solid structure makes the polished drill more straight and smaller than the regular twist drill.

Although we don’t do advertising, but it’s another benefit is to prolong the life of the tool, a lot of time to the customer for 3-4 times that of the conventional cemented carbide twist drill tool life, cemented carbide three flutes, even a moderate bit.

A polished drill has a simple look, but there are many invisible details that make it work. Excellent expertise has been developed over the course of 35 years, and they have been polishing the borehole so that it can be applied to the polished bit and make it work for the first time.

Solid microcrystalline silicon carbide and metal ceramics


CNC ground

The right hand or

The left hand

Cooling hole

Combined with the operation


Special calf


The aros are an incredible process, even on hard parts that produce a smooth surface. ARO ring USES a unique, automatic high-speed cone technology – and a unique abrasive medium, in order to eliminate the punching and mould, small mould and other complex components manual polishing needs.

Excellent company provides aviation polishing services for the parts that are hard to polish.

Cold forging die parts pin/sterilized auto industry

Drugs/medical institutions

Cutting tools

Other services include laser marking and PHVD coatings

EHDM borehole 0.30mm-2.0 Dia. range