In other words, the effect of cutting increases the pressure of the lock, so that the rigidity of the blades produces the effect of rediffusion with a solid reamer. Even when the blade in the position of the fully extended, the effect of this ideal is possible, so that you can make these reamer blade regrinding, in need of repeated use many times, make new blade purchases to a minimum.

The blade grooves on a chuck and shell reamer are ground to a left spiral Angle and slightly behind the center. The design is blade is raking, so that it is free to cut, producing round, accurate, concentric and high gloss.

These drillers have the same effect on the hole and the blind hole or shoulder joint.

Fast, accurate and uniform blade adjustment

Simple, quick and accurate adjustment of the blade regrind is another prominent advantage of MC design. Minimum blade inventory loss when using carbide blades.

The wizard is easy to change the throw of the idea, has the seam jacket & development driver

Img – elves quickly changed the cackling, college and tap dancing drivers

Both are hardened and ground to ensure extremely accurate and efficient services.

At the end of the chuck, the bottom of the hole in the chuck is corresponding to the bevel, and provides two slots to connect the driver’s lug with the clip head, allowing the transmission to be transmitted directly from the chuck to the clamping head.

The locking ring is operated by the spring, which is used to lock the holder into the chuck and allow easy disengagement. It’s a knurled outside and there are two locks inside.

When the operator pushes the new tool into the chuck, the new tool is inserted into the chuck, which drives the collar to the spring.