cutting tools

This decline determines the number of tools purchased at a given time to support the program, rather than using the traditional min/Max, even EOQ methods. The client project of the tool’s application manager tool significantly reduces inventory and purchases of new tools, and instead increases the use of dressing tools… Significant cost savings!

Cost-saving project

Our tools have been producing cost savings for our customers. Since 1958, as a kind of local cutting tools (to reduce the cost of the cutting tool), we are always looking for practical method, remove valuable time from manufacturing process, and lower the indirect materials needed to build our customers’ products cost. Today, the tools of the United States are leaders of innovative cost-saving programs, not just conceptual theories, but real life strategies that can be realized immediately.

Employee resources – American tools to maintain a healthy working environment, based on our competitive performance/skill base pay structure. Good work ethic, community pride, and employee bonuses and employee benefits are all part of employee satisfaction and corporate pride.

Eternal value – provides a regrinding tool for its execution

The specification of a new tool is always smart for a fraction of the cost

The decision. No one can carry out this service more than we do.

By listening to the customer’s demand and rapidly and directly response to the change of the industry, the tool group will continue to grow, because we provide a highly specialized service, to meet customer cutting tools.

AC industrial vending system

Product/service introduction

The US TOOLGROUP prides itself on becoming prime minister

AC distributor is one of the largest AC system suppliers in the industry and the largest supplier of AC products in North America. The American tools provide a complete turnkey industrial vending solution, including design, configuration, installation, installation, training and maintenance. AC support for U.S. tools