cutting tool

Combined with the industry’s largest tool refurbishment service, the U.S. tool provides a unique vertical integration cutting tool solution. Proprietary cutting tool manager software tools in the United States, under the support of the tool provides an unparalleled ability to, can be in their life cycle management tool, from the “new to the blunt, to sharpen”. “The cutting tool manager solution yields significant cost savings, as increased utilization of reground tools reduces each use cost and reduces inventory requirements.” Click here for more information on tool manager solutions.

Is – graphic2in in addition to providing cutting tool, the tool is also a leading with coating and adhesive abrasive, hand tools, power tools, safety products, professional products, chemicals, and other consumables/MHRO project. Click here to see a summary list of U.S. tool manufacturer partners.

Our tools to provide our clients integrated supply program, there are a variety of customized solutions and financial business model, including the management fee/no marking method, the support of the project cost of the project cost is a fixed term of the agreement. In the management cost model, the net cost of delivery of the program material to the U.S. tool. In a typical overhead project, support costs are significantly lower (as a percentage of expenses) compared to other integrated supply and distributor programs. Other integrated provisioning business models are also available.

Tool integrated supply programs in the United States often include tool crib at the scene management and personnel allocation, industrial vending, tool preset, cutting tool to check in, power tool maintenance, customer print management, FHOD control and point of use and other popular service.

Industrial vending

The tool is AC tool crib management software and industrial vending machine of “primary dealers” for a long time, is also one of the largest AC solution provider in the industrial market, with more than 1000 installation system. These products include traditional remote dispensing station, including: RoboCribs, RoboCrib TX750, AutoLockersFHX, AutoLockers, VisiCab, AutoCrib VLM, AutoCrib RDS, as well as RHFID IPT.