cutting edges

Sharper, more durable cutting edges, enhanced workpiece completion, and improved lubrication are just some of the benefits of the latest indexable carbide rotating tools. The following photo shows a mil-tec insert, which features smooth grinding (bottom) and the main competitor’s products (top). We cut with 100% precision, the geometric shape of the cutting force is more similar to the solid carbide milling than the traditional clamping and sintering insertion milling. Love your machine? Love your axis? Treat them correctly, while lowering your maintenance costs while increasing your throughput and improving your portion.

Component # 3: edge preparation

Our cutting edge is too sharp for some materials. The insertion process can choose a smooth brush, a light brush, to smooth 2, which will double the cycle. Starting with the first cut, both will run smoothly and protect your tooling investment from unnecessary effects in the initial tool path. In some applications, productivity is increased by the formation and evacuation of chips. In addition, a micro blasting treatment of aluminum oxide powder is provided and the lining of all coatings is provided, which further enhances the cutting edge. For aluminum profiles and other nonferrous materials, we eliminate the processing process to achieve maximum edge sharpness.

Component # 4: all the best physical components in the tooling process are wasted unless they are integrated into a comprehensive system to maximize their respective attributes. The mil-tec invokes this process

Smooth – Contricity .. These attributes enable our consumers to achieve full processing potential and use the cutting tool as a system contributor to deal with consistency and repeatability. In addition, you will see benefits in product streams, such as reduced maintenance costs, more normal running time, better partial completion, and so on.

Special cutting tools

Special tool cartridge

Embezzled or “indexable” tool

Carbide (THCT) or brazing tool

Special thread factory

Cluster/radius – mixed milling cutter

Modify the standard

Solid carbide round tool

High speed steel wheel tool

Special ink cartridge

Special insert – special THCT or HGSS serrated blade

Special  tools

Special tool cartridge

Embezzled or “indexable” tool

Carbide (THCT) or brazing tool