Cutter holder

Working closely with customers, VS engineers provide the best solutions for your operations, and guide and advise on the implementation of custom processing.

This customized solution team has all the tricks to design the right cutting tools, using the latest technology and first-class technology.

A new, unique anti-rotation plug designed to insert and tool support to ensure 100% insertion of static and system rigidity throughout the process.


The rotary plug

  • persistent and accurate thread verticality to ensure compliance with standard specifications
  • uncompromising contour accuracy

Cutter holder support

  • excellent surface finish
  • extend tool life to achieve special cost-effectiveness

Steel anvil

  • best support for cutting edges

Nickel coating

  • better wear resistance and corrosion protection

Scope of tools:

  • available in IC 1/2 “F, standard and multi-plus style”

– some 60 °, 55 °, ISO, the United Nations, W, the nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Wheel (DIN405 DIN20400)

– us support, public support (Sagengewinde)

– Trapez, ACME, stub ACME

  • VHTX and VHRX levels can be used for all standard inserts
  • external and internal right hand tools

Extra large pitch for heavy application design, high to 25mm or 1 TPI.


  • new plug-in design – enhances the insertion of geometric dimensions of heavy thread applications
  • standard solution – insert and tool holders are no longer sold as special items to ensure quick ordering and delivery
  • unique tool holder support – adds stability
  • unique clamping system – indentation insertion edge, which can withstand greater cutting force during processing, preventing insertion rotation

Scope of tools:

Insert size

IC 5/8 “mg-ic 5/8” has a cutting edge designed for large pitch design

From the scope of

10 to 25 mm (tpi) 2-1

Standard range

  • ISO

Wheel (DIN 20400).



  • the stub ACME
  • adjacency
  • measurement support (SAGE)

Rotary tools for small machining solutions

The MINIPRO series offers a series of indexable and solid carbide tools for threading, grooving, and boring applications.

A hole with a diameter of 3.2mm in diameter

Mini tools:

The VX MINIPRO series aims to provide an answer to almost all thread operations that are executed on tiny, high-precision components.