• multiple languages – support for other languages
  • emergency door release
  • more assurance of project identification (specific serial number)
  • ease of use (inspection/output and validation)


  • more than 200 standard reports!
  • autocrib. Net or client-server – cloud hosting services or secure internal networks
  • ehdi-advanced ship circulars (ASN) through EDI


Finally, a simple way to manage your biggest inventory worries… Gloves! Buying more gloves is not a solution to the insatiable use of gloves.

This machine will completely change how you manage gloves, personal protective equipment (personal protective equipment) and safety supplies.

In any industry, reducing the consumption of gloves by 30 to 50 percent is one of the most abusive, wasteful and abusive programs. The lifting of the elevator makes it not cold. Save a lot of money and stop annoying behavior. Access control determines who can access which glove stocks and when. Access is controlled by shifts, daily or weekly assignments, or by other administrators. Track employee usage according to work Numbers, work orders, or 10 other customizable fields.

Dispensing gloves without staffing, vending machines allow you to hand out gloves at a convenient time, while keeping tight control over your inventory. So you can provide 24/7 projects and complete the shift without people.

Automatic reorder to stop the inventory upgrade, real-time monitoring your supply level, AC software automatically re-order when it reaches the minimum level.

Vend is more than gloves

The high level of the elevator is ideal for other PPE projects: safety glasses, hard hats, welding sleeves, Ty vek suits, aprons, etc. You can even put the wheel or physical package in the box! High elevation can make any thickness consistent thickness completely accurate.

Car people like cars because they can store almost anything. The transparent see through window provides a simple project view that you can use to accurately post what you need. Such a high

The density automatic rack system can provide security access to over 200 different items through various drawers, boxes and cabinets.