This allows you to take corrective action immediately.

Keyboard lock

Stop losing expensive power tools, gages, toolkits, and test equipment. AL is no ordinary lockers! This is a fully automated system, and each door is automatically controlled. You will receive confirmation of all access transactions and deny access to any more than the calibration. AL provides 24-hour safe access to your high value, ultra large, calibrated and durable items. Include your biggest project. AC has the widest possible selector.

Instrument access and serial calibration control

Prevent non-calibration instrument from leaving from the beginning. AL monitor calibration dates, number of days on the floor, number of cycles, and other factors. It completely stops access to an instrument that is not calibrated.

Computer and etool-safe, update, and responsible for finding your laptop, eTools, and test equipment asset protection? AL has optional LAN, power socket, network router and fan. You can keep everything in a secure “checkout” and “check-out” environment, everything is secure, updated, and filled at any time.

Applicable to power tools, walkie-talkies, batteries and other items!

Each user AL’s control privileges allow you to control access to users on an individual basis. Unlike a typical locker, you can strictly control access to a particular group of people, not just a group. You know who released this project and when it was released. You can also select the permissions they can access, the items they can check, the number of times they visit, and stop them when they’re not yet trained.

No special keys are needed

You can use the badges of existing employees. Employees who use automatic operating systems can scan their barcodes, rfid CARDS, key fobs, or simply log in. You don’t need anything special to manage it.

Independent or additional

AL can be used as an independent independent system, or in combination with other AC industrial vending machines such as RC or RDS. This is a flexible inventory control system.